Screen washes

AutoСhemie Bitterfeld GmbH produces either ready to use or concentrated winter and summer windshield washers. Due to our own developments, the windshield washers are notable for excellent washing properties. Liquids may be applied to any washer systems either to trucks or to buses or to other commercial vehicles.

The winter windshield washer “E-tec” is intended for use in a cold season at a temperature up to -20C. The washer efficiently removes the road dust and wet snow and prevents the windscreen and brushes of windscreen wiper from ice formation.

The quality of a windshield washer has an impact not only on driving safety but on health as well. The summer washers with specially developed composition efficiently clean the windows from insects, fatty film, dust and other dirt. The “E-tec” glass-washing liquid does not damage the body paintwork, does not leave the traces, and does not ruin the surface structure. The special formula does not affect the visibility and does not cause the glares on a window.

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