About us

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH is one of the most perspective companies in Europe.
- We work in 3 continents within 50 countries.
- There are more than 300 types of automotive products.

The high-technology production facilities, where innovative solutions and up-to-date equipment are applied, make possible to produce more than 200 tons of products per day. We extensively expand and modernize the assortment thanks to cooperation with international manufacturers in filed of improvement of quality of oils, cooling and brake fluids.  The company owns a certified laboratory, that guarantees the quality control at all stages of production.

Е-ТЕС refers to the innovative lubricants, antifreezes, brake fluids and autochemistry.
Our mission is to take care of auto enthusiasts. We produce good quality and cheap products that provide the reliable car performance.
Our strategic objectives:
- Creating a strong company as a complex of production and distribution of lubricants and other technical liquids for cars.
- Offering quality and proper products at a good price.
- Continuous improvement of brands and constant expansion of the assortment. We apply to the best quality and innovative technologies that guarantee the uniqueness of our products in today’s market.
- Careful attitude to natural resources and pursue of Safety Environment Policy at the production site.
- Ensuring the high level of safety of the products.

Collaborating with us you get a reliable partner.

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