AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH Company offers the wide assortment of antifreezes with different freezing points and additives. The "E-tec" antifreezes for commercial vehicles and special purpose equipment are the high quality coolants that comply with the severe requirements. AutoChemieBitterfeld GmdH specialists created the innovative formula of antifreezes of G11 and G12 classes. The antifreezes are produced with the application of prime grade monoethylene glycol, specially purified water and multifunctional synergetic additive Alfa Triventol. Use of the Alfa Triventol additive package efficiently prevents the whole car cooling system from problems. The details especially the pump and radiators function more efficiently due to what their resource is significantly increased.

Use of the "E-tec" antifreezes guarantees the efficient protection of engine even under the heavy load. The "E-tec" antifreezes protect the cooling system against the corrosion, cavitation, detrimental effect from nitrites and phosphates containing in water, scale, deposits and salts. Also the antfreezes protect the rubber cooling system elements against the ruining and keep them elastic. And most important: the characteristics of coolants are stable during the whole service life.

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