What filters your car needs

Present-day cars need high-quality and timely care – and we took care of that
What filters your car needs
What filters your car needs 0What filters your car needs 1What filters your car needs 2

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH offers a wide range of automobile filters E-TEC. Present-day cars need high-quality and timely care – and we took care of that. Years of research and testing enabled the АСВ’s experts to create filters with an optimal ratio of high quality and a balanced price. Strict compliance with the stringent requirements of global automakers ensures uniqueness of Е-ТEC products among analogues in this market niche. What are these characteristics?

  • Guarantee of quality and high filtering efficiency.
  • Innovative technologies.
  • Strict requirements for the materials used.
  • Reliable design.
  • A large variety of choice.

In the environment there are various impurities such as dust, excessive moisture, which, getting into the car systems, dramatically reduce their service life. To avoid it there exist filters for such systems as fuel and air systems, and of course for providing fresh air in the cabin. Е-ТЕС filters are able to satisfy the most demanding car owners.

Atmospheric air contains various impurities (dust, organic particles, insects, etc.). These impurities can significantly reduce the life of the engine and even cause it to break down. For the purpose of protection filters are installed in the air supply system that trap impurities in the air sucked in by the internal combustion engine. Е-ТЕС air filters have various shapes and sizes to provide the most comfortable conditions for engine operation. You can find more detailed information.

Research has shown that in case there is no cabin air filter or it is contaminated, provided the traffic density is average and the ventilation is on, concentration of pollen and dust is three to six times higher than their content outside the car. Filtering materials of Е-ТЕС cabin air filters are able to retain particles of about 1 nm in size with an efficiency of 95%. Besides, filters of this type adsorb harmful gases. You can find more detailed information.

Health of the fuel system plays one of the key roles for the proper operation of internal combustion engines. Do you know that each liter of gasoline may contain up to 1 mg of various impurities? To create optimal conditions for the operation of the engine as well as to maximize the life of the components there exist fuel filters. E-TEC fuel filters provide efficient and reliable protection of the engine. Use of advanced materials and multi-level testing of the products guarantee high quality filtration. Filters remove soot, tar and solid particles that provides high level of protection for the engine and all components of the fuel system. You can find more detailed information.