Antifreeze E-TEC EVO - an all-new product

​Modern motors are exposed to heavy thermal and mechanical loads than ever before.
Antifreeze E-TEC EVO - an all-new product

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH has added a special product to the line of antifreezes — an E-TEC EVO concentrated coolant based on monoethylene glycol in combination with a special additive package (P-Si-OAT) designed to protect vehicle cooling systems.

E-TEC EVO is a new generation ethylene glycol-based antifreeze with P-Si-OAT technology. It contains a corrosion inhibitors package consisting of organic acid salts, phosphates and silicates. The latest generation E-TEC EVO antifreeze-concentrate containing silicates and phosphates is recommended for cooling systems of light vehicles and light trucks when a coolant that meets the requirements of the Ct12 EVO standard (VW TL 774 L) is required. It is especially suitable for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda group companies since 2019. It can be used for all electric vehicle cooling systems. E-TEC EVO antifreeze has an increased boiling point and extended service life. All additives retain their properties at high temperatures, and this makes it possible to use it in modern heat-loaded engines and battery cooling systems for electric vehicles. When replacing or adding antifreeze, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle. Antifreeze of this class is currently canned at assembly lines in Europe.

RECOMMENDED PRACTICES: Do not use undiluted product. For dilution, soft water is recommended (maximum chloride and sulphate content 500 ppm). Attention, check or drain the coolant only when the engine is cold. It can be mixed with ethylene glycol-based coolants. When diluting the concentrate with water, the crystallization temperature of the antifreeze is -30°С.