Antifreeze Ct13 Glycsol Concentrate
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Antifreeze Ct13 Glycsol Concentrate

Special Icons:


- excellent anti-foam properties;

- protects the radiator against rust & corrosion;

- provides year round cooling and anti-freeze properties.

E-TEC lobrid antifreeze. E-TEC G13 antifreeze is made on an organic basis and supplemented with mineral inhibitors. The composition includes organic acids and an optimally selected amount of silicates. Most manufacturers call such antifreezes lobrid coolants or Si-OAT (silicate-carboxylate).

The antifreeze combines the benefits of inorganic and organic formulations. It forms an ultra-thin protective film on the metal, which reacts to the formed corrosion center. Due to the silicates contained in the antifreeze, an ultra-thin anti-corrosion protective film is formed on the surface of the metal parts of the cooling system, which, among other things, minimizes the effect of cavitation and deposits in the system. It also effectively protects aluminum motors.

E-TEC EVO is the latest generation antifreeze containing silicates and phosphates, classification TL 774 L. One of the main advantages is the increased boiling point. All additives retain their properties at high temperatures, which makes it possible to use it in modern heat-loaded engines and battery cooling systems for electric vehicles. A unique feature of E-TEC EVO antifreezes is an extended service life. Antifreeze of this class is at present filled on assembly lines in Europe.