Winter Screenwash -35°C
  • 1,5L

Winter Screenwash -35°C


 - Effectively removes pavement, salt and oil spills- protects windshield wipers from damage in freezing conditions.

- chrome, paint and rubber elements are not damaged, prevents damage to the wiper blades and the windscreen.

- does not leave any streaks.

- alcohol evaporation contains delaying components, without so-called "cold glass effect".

- does not contain methanol- has a pleasant smell- economical.

- products of the size half pallets placed 60 * 80cm, which you can conveniently put to it on the trading floor.

- The product does not need separate shelves, your own open packaging can easily replace them.

Screenwash and headlight washer fluid effectively removes ice, wet snow, salt and other types of road pollution during the winter season. Does not leave stains and traces. The unique formula reliably protects the system from freezing down to a temperature of -35°C. The liquid does not damage plastic, rubber and paintwork. Does not contain methanol.