Winter Schiebenreiniger Conzentrat E-TEC -80°С
  • 1L

Winter Schiebenreiniger Conzentrat E-TEC -80°С

Special Icons:


- Effectively removes pavement, salt and oil spills

- protects windshield wipers from damage in freezing conditions

- Chrome, paint and rubber elements are not damaged, prevents damage to the wiper blades and the windscreen

- does not leave any streaks

- does not contain methanol

- has a pleasant smell

- economical

The diluted E-TEC concentrate is used to clean the windshield. The fluid cleans the car windows from sleet, ice and road pollution. Does not leave highlights and stains, prevents formation of ice. The washer is safe for brushes, paint and varnish coating, plastic, etc. Protects the washer from damage during frost. Suitable for defrosting the door locks and trunk.


To remove the frozen ice from the glass, it is necessary to apply a concentrate on it. After the ice has melted, wipe the glass dry. Similarly, remove the ice from the doors and trunk, directing the stream of de-icer on rubber seals. Concentrate consumption - (50-70) ml/m2.