Brake fluids

The brake system of a car is the most important mechanism responsible for safety. The brake fluids AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH are frost-resistant and ensure the optimum viscosity within the wide range of temperatures and have the sufficient anti-corrosion properties.

The "E-tec" brake fluids for commercial vehicles DOT 3 and DOT 4 comply with the requirements of international producers of special purpose equipment, trucks, buses and other special purpose vehicles. The line of brake fluids is made of the mixture of polyglycol and polyglycol monoallyl esters with addition of boric acid esters when coupled with the high-performance additives and inhibitors. The anti-corrosion additives of brake fluids ensure the high level of protection for metal parts of the brake system and the lubricating characteristics guarantee the long service life.

Use of the "E-tec" brake fluids ensures the smooth performance of the brake system for at least 2 years. The fluids for the brake systems are compatible almost with all types of metals, alloys, sealing materials and pipelines that are used in the car brake systems.

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