Hydraulic oils

Hydraulic gears are progressing day by day so AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists have toughen the requirements to the hydraulic oils.
The Е-ТЕС oils for passenger cars are an efficient hydraulic oil with the advanced anti-corrosion and antiwear properties exceeding the requirements of the present-day hydraulic systems. The Е-ТЕС hydraulic oils ensure the even lubrication of parts, decrease the friction whereby the service life of mechanisms are extended. The oils are notable for temperature oxidation resistance, they reduce the foaming and prevent the hydraulic system parts from corrosion. The lubricating fluids remain functional for a long time and comply with the environmental protection standards.

Advantages of the Е-ТЕС hydraulic oils:

  • Use of the high-quality hydraulic oil reduces the operating costs.
  • The oils are produced intentionally for applying to the passenger car systems.
  • The oils are produced with the application of innovative package of additives that guarantees the high operating properties.
  • Comply with the requirements of international car producers.

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