Screen washes

The line of E-TEC screen washes is presented with summer and winter liquids. AutoСhemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists improved the formula of screen washes with the help of innovative technologies. Winter screen wash E-TEC ensures the clear visibility in low environmental temperature conditions. The screen wash efficiently removes the road mud and wet snow and prevents the windscreen and windscreen wipers from ice formation. The product also protects the windscreen wiper and nozzles during the frost that ensures the steady performance. The improved cleaning formula leaves no strips and traces. The E-TEC screen wash is ready to use; one should only put the liquid into the screen wash tank.

The summer screen washes E-TEC are presented by concentrates and liquids ready to use. Due to the improved formula, the E-TEC screen washes quickly clean the mud and road dust and remove the insect traces. AСB specialists have developed the innovative product – summer screen wash E-TEC non-allergic that does not contain the allergenic components. Screen washes protect the windscreen wipers against the damage and do not damage chrome, lacquer and rubber elements. They are eco-friendly with biodegradable surface acting agents content.

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