Brake fluids

  AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists consider all the parameters for achieving the maximum efficiency and multipurposeness in the production of "E-tec" innovative brake fluids. Brake fluids consist of the mixture of polyglycol and polyglycol monoallyl esters with the addition of boric acid esters when coupled with the high-performance additives.

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH improved the properties of its brake fluids by developing the high-performance package of additives called “Revelin” that works either for the prevention of brake fluid from oxidation even under the intense heating or for the protection of metal parts against the corrosion.

Advantages of the Е-ТЕС brake fluids:

  • Special anti-corrosion additives prevent the metal surfaces of operating elements from corrosion, increase the lubricating properties and neutralize the moisture that gets into the brake fluid.
  • Significant reduction in the oxidation process, even at very high temperatures, that is, the formation of decomposition products containing acids, which are harmful to the brake system.
  • Under the critical temperatures, the brake fluid is neutral to the rubber elements of brake system preventing from wear and swelling. The brake fluids keep its flexibility by this means preventing the rubber seals from premature wear.
  • The high-performance package also contains the antifoam and anti-cavitation additives and stabilizers.

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