Motor oils

E-TEC is motor oil, which is suitable for your vehicle. Unique E-TEC oils for motors are a successful combination of German quality and innovative developments. Almost all oils meet the latest API and ACEA standards and also exceed the requirements of the global leading manufacturers. The range of motor oils includes fully synthetic oils and semi-synthetic oils.

E-TEC motor oils have excellent lubricating properties due to the use of high-quality base oils and contain unique additives of the best global manufacturers, the optimal combination of which allowed us to achieve the exceptional performance. We use a unique set of MiDEP additives, which was developed by our research center. The MiDEP set improves significantly the basic oil formula. Due to the innovative re-metallization effect, it takes care of vehicle parts and restores worn ones while driving. E-Tec motor oils contain special components that prevent the formation of harmful deposits on the walls of the working surfaces of the motor. When creating formulas for our motor oils, we take into account all the variable operating parameters, namely seasonality, mileage, and age of the vehicle. This allows us to create a series of oils for a specific vehicle.

To that end, the basic advantages of E-TEC oils are as follows:

  • Mi = Oil adaptable to mileage.
  • D = Protection of motor parts.
  • E = Reduction in fuel consumption.
  • P = Increase in motor power.

E-TEC motor oils ensure the excellent protection of your vehicle motor day by day. E-Tec products also include a set of gear oils for any gearboxes - mechanical gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, and variations.

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