Hydraulic oils

The line of multigrade hydraulic oils “E-tec” ensures the excellent protection and stable performance of different hydraulic systems of industrial equipment and mobile machinery (trucks, buses, excavators, tractors, cranes and other equipment) operating under high pressure. The “E-tec” lubricants ensure the even lubrication of mechanism parts and reduce the friction what extends the machinery service life.
AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH Company applies to innovative technologies in production of the “E-tec” hydraulic oils. The multi-year research made possible for us to improve the oil formula that ensures the solid anti-corrosion properties, oxidation stability and temperature stability. The antifoam and antiwear additives are used in the oils to ensure the advanced level of protection. The line of hydraulic oils “E-tec” complies with the requirements of many largest car producers.

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