Motor oils

The innovative "E-tec" oils for commercial vehicles ensure the increase of operating properties and reduce the fuel and maintenance costs. These parameters are important for commercial vehicles, special purpose equipment and trucks that operate in super severe conditions.

The oils under the brand "E-tec" are either intended for gasoline or diesel engines and these oils can be used for the commercial vehicles of any bearing capacity. The oils have been passed the serious tests on different technique and they may be applied to up-to-date high-performance engines with the extended oil exchange interval. The motor oils have excellent lubricating properties either for low winter temperatures or for summer heat protecting the engine against the premature wear in heavy load conditions.

AutoChemie Bitterfeld GmbH specialists made the package of additives for motor oil based on re-metallization effect. The high-technology MiDEP formula (molybdenum compound and alloy of copper, tin and silver) prevents the engine from premature wear. The MiDEP formula remedies the defects on engine surfaces storing the energy and directing it to the construction of additional layer in problem and worn areas of cylinder walls. This results in normalization of compression, elimination of combustion gas waste in a combustion chamber, decrease of oil burning and increase of engine efficiency.

Advantages of the "E-tec" motor oils:

  • Mileage-adaptive oil (Mileage)
  • Protection of the engine parts (Defence)
  • Fuel economy (Economy)
  • Increase of the engine power (Power)

The "E-tec" motor oils ensure an excellent protection of a car engine day after day! A wide variety of oils makes possible to choose an oil for the all-year use. You may purchase an optimum motor oil for trucks taking into consideration the operating conditions, features of fuel used and performance modes.

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